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Windows 8 instructions for downloadThe new [Windows 8 operating system-> windows-8] is also something completely new for die-hard Windows users. The mixture of desktop and tablet operating systems in one package has some advantages and disadvantages that will only become apparent after you have worked with it for a while. For those who want quick access to the Windows 8 manual, I have linked the German PDF for download here. You get to an intermediate page and can then start the PDF download straight away.

>> Update: Unfortunately Microsoft has removed the PDF with the Windows 8 manual that I had linked here. :(

Manuals are often a bit complex for laypeople and maybe a little too little detailed for administrators. I have linked two good books here that can help both user groups accordingly. Maybe it's a nice addition to Microsoft's PDF manual:

Windows 8 - The instructions in pictures
These instructions are equipped with plenty of picture material and help even absolute beginners to find their way around the new Windows version.
Windows 8 for administrators
Every Windows administrator will find helpful information here for upgrading to Windows 8. The server technologies of Windows are also covered in this book.


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