Wireless HDMI transmission with Hollyland Mars at 1080p @ 60Hz

At events, streaming videos from one source to various monitors or sending images and sound from a mobile camera directly to the director's monitor via radio - this is possible with the Mars products from Hollyland. The transmitters and receivers can also be used for other purposes, specially made for film recordings and the wireless transmission of the camera image to the control monitor.

My reader Charly has me z. B. Drew attention to the Hollyland Mars devices because he has been using them successfully at wedding events for 6 months. There he streams photos from his Apple MacBook to various monitors in the room. The stable image transmission is given over 100 m.

Hollyland Mars, here in the 400S version. The radios make it possible to be wireless
HDMI-Transmit signals in Full HD and at 60 Hz. “ width=”1024″ height=”484″ /> Hollyland Mars, here in the 400S version. The radios make it possible to transmit HDMI signals wirelessly, in Full HD and at 60 Hz.

Hollyland Mars - HDMI transmission via radio in Full HD and 60 fps

On Amazon product page you can currently find three different models of Hollyland Mars radio technology: Mars 300, Mars 400 and Mars 400S. Their range varies, but is around 100 meters for all three; the 400S model even specifies 122 meters. In addition, this and the 400 model have three scene modes: picture mode, speed mode and balance mode. The first provides the best image quality (good for photos or director's monitor), the second offers the lowest latency (good for real-time instructions), and the last tries to deliver both. In addition, the two "large" models have 8 channels so that up to 5 setups can be used at the same time.

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Wireless HDMI transmission: this is how it works!

Each set contains a transmitter and a receiver; Depending on the model, brackets, accessories and instructions are also included. The antennas are important here, as they ensure that the radio signal for Full HD image transmission gets through well. In addition to HDMI connections, the 400S model also offers an SDI connection for other sources and output devices. DSLR cameras or MacBooks, among other things, can be connected to the transmitter to deliver the photo or video material. 

The receiver is connected to the monitor, a projector or other output technology in order to output the received material. It is therefore ideal for playing on larger venues at events or for filming or hobby productions. If you are looking for an easy setup for the wedding or the sports club: A GoPro camera also delivers a live video that can be transmitted to monitors or a projector via the micro HDMI output.

Tip for the wedding: Build your own DIY photobooth

Device information on OLED display on Hollyland Mars 400 and 400S

Unlike the Hollyland Mars 300 transmitters and receivers, the "larger" versions each have an OLED display that shows the current data from the transmitter and receiver in an energy-saving manner. For example, you can read the signal strength (bars as in cell phones on a cell phone), the channel used (CH for channel), the transmitted image quality (e.g. 1080p60), the image mode and more. Of course, it is also important to keep an eye on the batteries in the radios. The good thing about working with it anyway: as a battery pack NP-F550 rechargeable batteries, which can also be used for cameras and LED lighting.

Receive broadcast material via the HollyView app on iOS and Android

Since WLAN frequencies are used for sending and receiving photos and videos, it is of course a good idea to view current streams via the app; and also possible. With the HollyView app for iOS and Android, up to four devices (smartphones and / or tablets) can access the stream. In this way, several participants can monitor the recordings or transmissions. 

My reader Charly has assured me that the transmission from the transmitter to the receiver device will also work with many smartphones in the room. At the wedding celebrations he organizes, 100 people are happy to be present; so definitely at least 80 smartphones. The material arrives on the monitors in the best quality.

If you want to access the pictures and videos exchanged between the Hollyland Mars radios directly via the app, you can use the HollyView app in the Apple App Store as well as in the Google Play Store download. At small events, this can also be an alternative to a monitor or projector.

[appbox app store id1460631425]

[appbox googleplay com.hollyview]

Hollyland Mars - Forward HDMI signals by radio

In summary, it can be said that the Mars model range from Hollyland offers a good way of transmitting film material wirelessly over comparatively large distances. Numerous good and very good customer reviews and ratings on Amazon show that, for example, the Mars devices in combination with DSLR cameras and director's monitors work great in film production.

The manufacturer also mentions other application examples: Live broadcasts of concerts or sports events, the production of educational material and instructional videos, corporate events (video conferences) and of course weddings. My reader Charly proves that the latter works here can pay a visit;)

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