Wireless LAN extension cable: the best WLAN cable in the test (with no experience report)

Wireless LAN cable or WLAN cable; whatever you call it, it has become an indispensable part of my work on this blog and on other pages on the World Wide Web. How also with regard to Bielefeld Many will now say that it doesn't even exist! But I can reassure you: you are right. Nevertheless, a wireless LAN cable is one serious topic in EDP, IT and other exciting abbreviations. In this article I don't just want to give you a WLAN cable test with a wireless LAN cable review offer, but also other practical jokes.

Does the WiFi cable really exist? Yes and no. The product picture comes at least from Amazon;)

Does the WiFi cable really exist? Yes and no. The product picture comes at least from Amazon;)

Probably the most scientific treatise

If you want to deal with such a sensitive topic, you need a good knowledge base. Where does the first path of an online researcher lead then? Of course, to the largest free and free encyclopedia in the world: Stupidedia! Of course there is a corresponding one there Article on the topic, in which, among other things, the development stages of the WLAN cable (also WiFi cable) and find out about the Invisible Internet Sheathing Composition can inform:

  • 78,1% nitrogen
  • 20,9% oxygen
  • 0,93% argon
  • 0,03% carbon dioxide
  • 0,01% hydrogen
  • 10,98% plutonium
  • 2,718% dilithium
  • 1,93% Oxdrahdium
  • 0,002% anionic and nonionic surfactants
  • 0,001% Pro-Retinol-α-Nanosome (prevent wrinkles)

In great demand for over 12 years

Internet swaying freely in the air is not an invention of this decade, not even this millennium. It is therefore not surprising that the most famous purchase or sale of a WLAN cable in this country took place in 2004. Almost 13 years ago, a wireless LAN cable sold for 10,50 euros plus 3 euros shipping via eBay. "According to the description, the cable consists of 78 percent nitrogen. The remaining 22 percent should be made of oxygen and noble gases. Thanks to a carbon dioxide content of less than 0,035 percent, the cable has won a number of environmental awards“Wrote back then chip.de.

My experience with extension from gas

You know: for posts in this blog, I put my whole body into it! So I got mine - via eBay of course, where else? - also ordered a WLAN cable. If you want to order such a wireless LAN cable made from gas, you should really only resort to reputable trade sources. So at least eBay, maybe eBay classifieds and in case of doubt the next buy and sell group on Facebook. Briefly about my experiences: when I opened the box, the cord probably fell out or something. In any case, I haven't found it until today ...

No fun: What is a connection cable for W-LAN? Here comes the answer!

Okay, here I am interrupting the early April XNUMXst article to add an important insight: there is actually something like a WLAN cable to buy. But the designation as such is quite misleading due to the well-known joke. A wireless LAN cable is a extension cable for a WLAN antenna or a WLAN router. Other names are Antenna Extension Cable or WLAN antenna cable. The connection is an R-SMA plug or an R-SMA coupling.

Here are a few examples on Amazon:

  • WLAN cable from InLine, 10 meters, 1 piece or 3 pieces: Details here
  • WLAN antenna cable from TP-Link, 3 meters, 1 piece: Details here
  • WLAN pigtail cable from TP-Link, 50 cm, 1 piece: Details here
  • CAT.6 Ethernet cable from CSL computer, 10 meters, 1 piece: Details here
  • Sir Apfelot article about USB extension: also worth reading

Conclusion on the topic: But not everything is just nonsense

I hope my trip to the nonsense country didn't scare you off completely. It's just that the term WLAN cable or wireless LAN cable is searched for quite often (says Google). Since the joke around this word creation is quite old, it was astonishing to me. Or do people fall for this paradox time and again - just as every generation of elementary school students keeps telling the same flat jokes? In search of an answer, I came across the WiFi cable on Amazon. It turned out to be an actually existent product. To say it with Markus Kavka: "Hamma learned something again. Thank you very much for your attention, goodbye."

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