WISO tax 2013 for the Mac - tax return 2012 very easy

WISO tax 2013 Mac
WISO tax 2013 Mac

The WISO Tax 2013 program finally also runs on Mac under OS X and thus helps Apple users to submit their 2012 tax return (Photo: Amazon.de).

The software products from WISO have long been a guarantee for simple operation and good results. Unfortunately there was nothing that would run on the Mac so far (if you leave out a [Windows Bootcamp Installation-> bootcamp]). Now the WISO department has finally discovered the OS X users as customers and offers the Wiso Steuer 2013 package, a software solution for filing your tax return for the 2012 tax year.

Macwelt test winner and recommended by happy customers

On WISO page the button "Macworld test winner" sticks and in fact the software has not only been found to be good by the specialist editorial team, but also enjoys it the customer ratings on Amazon plenty of top reviews. The installation of the software is quite simple: insert the CD, enter the product key and off you go. Wiso has enclosed a book for the newcomer to taxation, which gives helpful tips on how to be able to submit his tax return correctly. The program also offers the possibility of working in stages. You can always save the current status, read it, sleep over it for a night and continue working on the tax return the next day.

The tax-saving function is very useful for bargain hunters, because you can also see how much the currently calculated repayment is. If you turn the "parameters", you can quickly see how you can get something out of it.

Transfer of old Windows WISO tax data is possible

For people who have recently switched from a [Windows PC to Mac-> pc-to-mac-switch], the tax 2013 on the Mac offers the option of importing the old tax data. So you can take over your database and don't have to do without the old tax returns from previous years.

If you are interested in the program and want to make the tax office unhappy with high tax refunds, you can find it in the Amazon shop, for example:

WISO tax 2013 Mac OS X
The tax 2013 software is intended for the 2012 tax return and can be run on Mac under OS X.

Wiso Steuer 2013 for the Mac also available as a download

The Wiso tax program for the 2012 tax return is also available on Amazon as a download for the Mac offered. The download has the advantage that you can start the software straight away and don't have to wait for the postman.


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