With Thunderbird, always send emails via the same account

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Icon instructionsSome instructions arise directly from the needs of the customers, because I would never have thought of doing something myself. But currently a customer wants to be in Mozilla Thunderbird Receive your emails via 3 accounts, but only send them via the same account.

To set this you have to switch the outgoing mail server in the accounts (for each account!) To the corresponding desired server or desired account.

One goes under Tools> Accounts> ACCOUNT NAME> Server Settings to the point "Outgoing mail server (SMTP)"and select the appropriate account via which the mails are to be sent. Everything is done.

For some a blessing, for others a problem: There are definitely people who have the problem that Thunderbird always sends all emails via one account. The problem is of course exactly caused by the setting above. If you forget to change the outgoing mail server when creating an account, you will have the problem that Thunderbird always sends the mails via the same account. The problem can also be remedied via the point that can be found via the path mentioned above.

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