WordPress 4.0 Update - Tips, improvements and problems with the new WordPress version

Wordpress update message

Today I am through the plugin "WP Updates Notifier“ via email that there is a new WordPress update. The WP 4.0 version called "Benny" Before. Benny is the point zero update, in honor of a jazz pianist named B. As far as I can remember, she has Named after jazz musicians a long tradition with the WordPress team.

Wordpress update message
My mail program has informed me that there is a new WP version.

What's new in WordPress 4.0 Benny

What happened to WordPress with the update can be found in detail on the blog at blog.wpde.org read up. The main thing is that the media library has been drilled out, the integration of multimedia, e.g. films from YouTube, has become easier and the search for plugins in the WP-Admin has become more convenient. Under the hood, of course, a number of improvements have been made, but you can read them better on the blog mentioned above.

Download of WordPress 4.0

If you have not yet installed an older version of WordPress and can update it via the admin, you may be interested in the download link to get to the installation files. This can be found as a ZIP or in another packed form with German language files under this link:

>> https://downloads.wordpress.org/release/de_DE/wordpress-4.0.zip

Problems updating to WP 4.0?

I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of updates when there are large version jumps. Usually I always wait for the X.0.1 versions. In this case WordPress 4.0.1. In this case, I quickly tested the update on a blog, which is not that important to me because it hardly has any visitors. Still it runs on mine Favorite wordpress hostingso that I can already see whether there are fundamentally problems with the hosting.

Wordpress 4.0 Welcome
The welcome screen after the update to WordPress 4.0 shows that everything in the admin is "smoky".

The update ran smoothly via the automatic system of WP-Admin and then the blog could still be operated as usual in the frontend. So there doesn't seem to be any major problems at first. I still think that there are incompatibilities with various plugins that will become public in the next few days.

If all of this is roughly over, I might update my Sir Apfelot blog as well. :)

Before the update: backup compulsory!

If you want to perform an update: Don't forget to backup. I can use the plugin for this BackWPup Free I warmly recommend it, as it is very convenient, supports backups in the cloud and also does its job in the free version.

Despite everything: good luck! :)

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