Book tip: WordPress 4 - The ultimate manual by Alexander Hetzel

Wordpress 4 manual from Galileo
Wordpress 4 manual from Galileo

The WordPress 4 manual from Galileo is very comprehensive and ranges from the installation to the programming of plugins (Photo: Amazon).

What else can you do with WordPress besides blogging? What installations are there and how do I best use them? What is the easiest way to create your own (responsive) themes and plugins, and how do I design effective search engine optimization with WordPress? If these questions are bothering you, then today I have a good tip for you.

The comprehensive guide to WordPress 4

When it comes to going deeper into certain subject areas, I don't rely on information gathered from the Internet - I need a book, and in the case of non-fiction books, preferably in bound form. Even if I appreciate electronic reading, I just need paper between my hands for technical topics.

You already know that I'm a real WordPress fan - but the knowledge of this content management system didn't fall into my lap either. You can do "simple" blogging yourself quite well, but to really get the most out of WordPress and to know what is possible in principle and what is not (and that is not a lot!), The right literature is a must. That's why I would like to recommend this book to you - a successful reference work on WordPress 4, i.e. the very current version of the software.

Who is the book for?

This book is aimed at users who (want to) host their site themselves with WordPress. Whether you are a beginner or have been working with WP for a while, you will definitely find useful instructions, tips and tricks here. Page design, internationalization, social media integration and programming your own extensions, this guide goes far beyond basic knowledge.

Wordpress 4 from Galileo - inside pages

The design of the book is very clear and the screenshots from the admin area help immensely to be able to understand the individual steps in your own blog.

The separate chapter for HTML and CSS is brand new in this edition, because without a little knowledge of programming you will reach your limits in some places. The author Alexander Hetzel conveys exactly the knowledge that you need for your own WordPress project, without unnecessary ballast and very well tailored to the needs of a blogger. The easy-to-read writing style and the many practical tips in particular make working with this book so pleasant.

If you have just started with WordPress, you do not have to worry if many of the terms mentioned do not mean anything to you - the personal benefit behind the cryptic terms will become apparent to you at the latest when reading and working through and you will find yourself with some "Aha! SO do they do it! " Surprise effect. And even the semi-professionals among you will clearly benefit from this technically experienced book, because the explanations not only scratch the surface but are also so detailed and well-versed that even experienced WordPress users will still find things they want didn't know yet.

Yes, I sound enthusiastic because this recommendation for all bloggers and developers comes from the heart. :-)

Wordpress 4 - The comprehensive manual
This reference work on the blogging software WordPress 4 by Alexander Hetzel (Galileo Computing) is a helpful advisor and guide for beginners and advanced users who (want to) work with WordPress.


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