WordPress 5.5 problems – the plugin “jQuery Migrate Helper” could be the (temporary) solution…

Problems with WordPress 5.5

WordPress version 5.5.1 has been out for a while and the update to WordPress 5.5 ran reasonably cleanly on most blogs. Since I look after some customers who work with WordPress websites, I also get other cases with ...

The update to WordPress 5.5 is the first update that has led to various failures in some of the WordPress blogs I know (graphic: Sir Apfelot).
The update to WordPress 5.5 is the first update that has led to various failures in some of the WordPress blogs I know (graphic: Sir Apfelot).

Prehistory: Secret update to WP 5.5 by customers

One of my customers - of course without creating a backup beforehand - updated his WordPress from 5.4.2 to 5.5 and then rang my bell the next morning that an entire block of content was missing on his homepage. Likewise, a slider is defective and because it always only shows the same image.

At that time I didn't know that an update was made and I assumed that the errors were caused by my work the day before when a hacker had gained access to WordPress via the "WP File Manager" plugin.

The hacker was able to load a script onto the customer's server using the "WP File Manager" plug-in.
The hacker was able to load a script onto the customer’s server using the “WP File Manager” plugin.

A little tip on the side: If you have the plugin WP File Manager are also in use: Throw it out and only install it when it is actually needed. Otherwise you should really delete it and NOT just deactivate it, as the hackers can still exploit the security hole in the code with deactivated plugins.

Anyway, at some point I stumbled upon the display of open updates in WP-Admin, because it suddenly stood at zero, while the day before there were still 12 updates open. It was clear to me that someone had installed the updates and that the problems could possibly stem from this.

Plugin “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper” solves all kinds of problems

Since I also had problems with the update to WordPress 5.5 on Sir Apfelot (see here there were incompatibilities with JavaScript in my theme), I could still remember that the plugin “jQuery Migrate Helper” has provided a remedy here.

You shouldn't ask me exactly where the problems are here, but according to my WordPress helper, the code in the theme or in individual plugins is out of date and therefore throws errors or no longer works properly.

This means that the “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper” plugin catches the errors and ensures that it runs again for the time being, but in the long term you should make sure that the theme or individual plugins are replaced with a new version so that the errors are not only intercepted, but also eliminated.

Older and no longer developed plugins and functions in themes are particularly affected by the switch to WP 5.5 and cause errors.
Older and no longer developed plugins and functions in themes are particularly affected by the switch to WP 5.5 and cause errors.

Why does my site stop working with WordPress 5.5?

With WordPress 5.5. became according to the development team on wordpress.org to the current version of jQuery (a JavaScript library). However, this only updated the version in WordPress and not in the plugins or themes that also use the jQuery library. For this reason, there are now errors in blogs that do not use standard WordPress.org themes or that rely on plugins whose developers have built in jQuery, but have not yet changed the code from the old to the new jQuery library.

However, this update is important because outdated code in plugins or themes is a risk. The security gaps in such plugins or themes are known to hackers and, in the worst case, can cause the blog to be taken over or broken.

Why is My Site Broken After Updating to WordPress 5.5? You are running a plugin or theme that has outdated code. After updating to WordPress 5.5, outdated plugins or themes will no longer function properly. Plugins and themes with outdated code pose a major security risk to your website, so it's a best practice to not use old plugins and themes that have been abandoned by their developers. (Source: itmes.com)

So that you do not use the plugin and then skip troubleshooting and troubleshooting for reasons of convenience, the above plugin shows intercepted bugs directly in the WordPress admin. The WordPress.org developers have deliberately left out an option to hide the messages, so that one also thinks about actually taking care of the solution.

If problems have emerged especially after the update to WP 5.5, the "Enable jQuery Migrate Helper" plugin can definitely be given a chance.
If problems have arisen especially after the update to WP 5.5, you can definitely give the “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper” plugin a chance.

Inexplicable failures? Try the plugin!

If you've been running into strange errors on your WordPress blog lately and don't know where to start looking, my recommendation would be to use the plugin “jQuery Migrate Helper” once and see if it “fixes” anything.

Here are a few examples of problems that I was able to solve on different domains:

  • Slider no longer appears
  • Slider does not change the images
  • It is no longer possible to switch between “Visual” and “Text” in the WordPress editor
  • “Add files” button in editor is greyed out and no longer works
  • the link to change the date of publication in the editor is not clickable
  • Content blocks on the website are no longer displayed

The good thing is, the plugin can't break anything permanently. If it doesn't bring the desired result, you can just throw it out again and everything will be as before.

Do you need help with WordPress?

If you also have errors in your WordPress blog or don't know how to solve the problems after the update, feel free to contact me. I and my colleague offer a kind of “WordPress emergency help” and are happy to help get your blog going again.

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3 Responses to “WordPress 5.5 problems – the plugin “jQuery Migrate Helper” could be the (temporary) solution…”

  1. Wow! Thanks for the article!
    I have been running a club website since 2014, there have never been such problems.
    Now I have a bug in the theme that shoots forms (frontend) with Gravity Forms (my workaround: create new forms).
    I can no longer open the DatePicker in the event plug-in (backend) (workaround: adjust the date directly with checking in the source code and then save).
    Yes, there is an update for the theme and the event tool, I just don't want to simply install it over it, especially since there is only the manual update.
    I will test it this plugin time.

  2. On our club page too ...
    We have a managed WP installation at our provider.
    After his system had updated our WP to 5.5.1, when the page was called, only ERROR, Google something appeared.
    The reason was that in 5.5.1 it was preset that all plugins would also be updated automatically in the future.
    One of them is a calendar plugin that displays Google Calendar entries on the WP page. The latest version produced the error.
    Then I installed the previous version and turned off the automatic update. Since then it's been running again.

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