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Wordpress hosting

WordPress hosting - choosing the right web host for your own blog.

The choice of hosting for WordPress can throw many a beginner into despair. I set up my first WordPress myself a good 5 years ago and at that time there were unfortunately hardly any hits when you searched for "WordPress Hosting" because the hosters were not yet aware that there would be a lot of people looking for you in the near future Will be home for her blog.

In the meantime, however, we have a clear oversupply of hosting options for the WordPress blog platform, so that you can find quite a few providers where hosting is not really much fun. This can have various reasons, which I would like to list here, because you often know what you want when you first exclude what you do NOT want. And after a good 5 years of experience and 15 different hosters that I've tried out over the years, I can say relatively precisely what I don't want. ;-)

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Problems that can occur with WordPress hosting

Here are a few things that I noticed with various hosters and that have definitely led to the devaluation and [move-> wordpress-blog-move] to another provider. The good news first - there is a provider who did everything right and offers my dream hosting, but of course you won't find him until the end of the page!

  • Slow page loading
    It's not just visitors who get annoyed when a WordPress site loads forever. It is also a reason for bloggers to throw the coffee cup in the corner if you have to wait 30 seconds after each saving. Apart from that, Google's SEO rating is also for the bucket, because long loading times are a reason for Google to devalue a page and give it poor rankings. Especially if you live from a blog and earn your living with it (yes, that is possible!), You are dependent on good rankings.
  • Low PHP memory limit
    The memory limit defines how much memory a process can use. If you lie above it with your WordPress due to plugins, you get an error message. The solution is then to increase this limitso that the blog runs clean again. But unfortunately there are also hosters who do not allow this and allocate a maximum of 64MB of RAM. From my point of view, you can't run your blog properly with this because it doesn't allow enough plugins. If the hoster does not allow 128MB or (even better) 256MB, then I would move away from there.
  • Cross-domain hacking in a reseller package
    I had this wonderful experience with a Czech provider who offers [cheap SEO hosting-> seo hosting]. This allows you to assign various IP addresses to many WordPress installations that are also on different C-Class networks. So far so good. Unfortunately, the hoster was not in the mood for support inquiries and initially allowed every user to do everything. The consequence of this was that a hacked WordPress script could look around one folder higher and could also infect all other domains in this folder - and unfortunately that was almost 100. The work with removing the malware took a few days - one reason for me to leave this provider, because they did not know insight and accordingly left the security precautions as far as possible so that WordPress admins do not have to update and install Messages about write permissions are bothered.
  • Insufficient support from the provider
    Unfortunately, this aspect can only be determined when you have a problem with the hosting. If everything goes well, all providers offer great support. Support inquiries were not very popular with one of them, however, so that they were only answered 2 days after the request came in (my WordPress suddenly stopped working!) And then you simply replied with the reference that you were not responsible for the functionality of the scripts and only offer support if the hosting fails. My problem arose after the hoster changed his hosting, so I would have expected help - but unfortunately you saw it differently.
  • High price and complicated hosting management
    The price actually plays a subordinate role for me, because if I earn something a month with a blog, then I can also spend EUR 10 on hosting without it hurting. But if hosting is expensive and complicated to manage at the same time, as is the case, for example, with some providers who use the Plesk software for administration, then that annoys me. Plesk may be well programmed, but it is for the normal WordPress user the surface is so complicated that you almost have the feeling that you have to be a qualified computer scientist to create a new database with less than 20 clicks. Not my case…
  • InfiniteWP cannot be used
    Anyone who, like me, runs several WordPress installations and has to keep everyone up to date, will become an avid supporter of infiniteWP.
    Update 14.04.2016/XNUMX/XNUMX: I'm now at wpremote.com landed! Free, fast and reliable. :)
    This is a wonderful tool with which you can update all blogs at the push of a button, update plugins, create and manage users and do a lot more that otherwise swallows a lot of time. Unfortunately, there are WordPress hosters who make it impossible to use this plugin and tool due to extremely paranoid security settings. For the normal blogger, that might not be a reason to switch, but I didn't want to tolerate that anymore either.

Sure, I'll think of more things the days that annoyed me fatally here and there, but now I don't want to keep you tortured anymore and introduce you to the provider I ended up with:

All-inkl.com - WordPress hosting at its best

Ok, it sounds a lot like advertising for now All-Incl.com, but I can promise you: It is not an advertisement for their [webhosting-> webhosting] that I would not do of my own free will. I now run over 100 blogs on 3 Business hosting packages and I've been so satisfied for over a year that I've never been before. I always recommend this to my customers "Private" packagewhich is perfect if you want to host a WordPress blog. If you still want to use the free Let's encrypt SSL certificate, you have to "Private PlusYou can then run your WordPress with https, which Google in turn rewards with better rankings. I have how easy this is described in my article here.

The hosting management, which has robbed me of the last nerve with others with Plesk and Confixx, is simply well thought out at [All-Inkl-> all-inkl-com]. You can create databases and then immediately see a button in the list for [phpMyAdmin-> phpmyadmin], whereby the link also takes over the login, so that you can quickly jump back and forth between databases. The addition of new domains, new FTP users or email accounts takes just a few clicks and is extremely intuitive. I am thrilled with the ease of use every time I have to create some new blogs with domains and databases.

Top support even with failed problems and times

In my opinion, the support from All-Inkl is legendary. On the one hand, there is no annoying ticket system that you find with other providers. You can send an email directly to support and even get an email back in a few minutes at weekends - I was simply flabbergasted the first time. I still thought it was a coincidence that I got an answer so quickly, but it has now been repeated several times and I think that is simply part of the service there.

The second point that surprised me was the willingness to help me with a problem that was difficult to understand. Back then it was about a problem that occurred every now and then when uploading to the media library. The support asked me if I could give him access to the WP-Admin so that he could test it himself. I did that and after a good hour I got the message that the problem was caused by my adjustments in the htaccess file. From my point of view a really tough nut to crack for the support, because it was an error that did not occur with every upload and was really difficult to understand. And in the end it wasn't based on the [hosting-> hosting] but on my crap. The whole action was done by the support at no cost to me - they really make an effort with the customer!

Cheap web hosting for WordPress

In my opinion, the prices of all-inclusive are unbeatable when you consider the great service you get. The small web hosting package for a WordPress blog costs less than 5 EUR per month. If you pay a year in advance, you get it even cheaper.

Reseller hosting with the Business tariff, which I use for my own blogs, is EUR 24,95 per month and is actually only limited by the number of 100 databases, because the 100 GB of memory can hardly be full. I always secure my domains with a provider and then use the All-Ink.com servers as DNS servers. So you can host up to 100 WordPress blogs in the business package without any problems.

 Hassle-free hosting with fast loading times

It should be noted that the whole points like "slow loading time" or "prohibition of infiniteWP" fall under the table with All-Inkl. You can really count on fast loading times there, as the number of customers per server is very limited. Many providers put several hundred customers on one server, which of course brings them to their knees. With all-inclusive, you take a different approach and strictly limit the number in order to offer good performance.

InfiniteWP can also be used without any problems. As a rule, I only install the plugin and for the blog in my infiniteWP admin area and then, after assigning write permissions to the corresponding WordPress folders, I can easily update WordPress itself or the plugins with a click of the mouse.

Update 15.4.2016: I now use wpremote.com to manage many WordPress blogs. Everything runs on their servers and is very easy to set up!

Conclusion: tested for a long time and found to be particularly good!

I can really recommend this provider with a clear conscience. Here price, performance and support really match. No strange US hosting, no cumbersome, unfriendly support, no abnormal prices and no cumbersome administration in the customer system. After more than a year and many WordPress installations, I can say that I really haven't come across anything like it. And by the way, Sir Apfelot also runs on all-inclusive hosting - and that's quite smooth, right ?! ;)

So my tip for painless WordPress hosting is very clear All-Incl.com.

Have fun blogging!

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  3. Darius says:

    To be honest, I came here because I was looking for speed-up methods for WP with all-incl. have been looking for.
    My site is just faster than 3% of the other websites. : D

    Was a bit offtopic for me, but knew your site here through the server caching in the htaccess ...
    In any case, I then read that you have 100 blogs ...: O

    Do you earn your money with it? And you won't all write yourself, will you?
    Do you have an article somewhere that you go into a little bit about it?

    One of my blocks takes up a lot of work. And that would be of great interest to me.

    Cheers Darek

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Darek!
      Yes, if your site is faster than 3% of the rest of the world, then it's really time to do something. : D Because of the 100 blogs: I have built some niche sites with WordPress, but actually only Sir Apfelot as a real blog that I often and happily take care of. But I tend to earn my money with the search engine optimization of websites for companies. And quite a few of them now also use WordPress as a CMS. So it doesn't do any harm for your job if you know your way around WordPress. ;)
      LG! Jens

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