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Gino Cremer is the managing director of "Pixel bar"and a web designer from the very beginning. He has many years of experience with WordPress & Co, and currently works as a lecturer and consultant for web design and social media at WIFI Vienna. So you can rightly expect that a practice-oriented WordPress manual from his pen will be particularly useful - and this expectation will be fulfilled (so much in advance!). ;-)

Manage WordPress as a CMS and blog platform

Wordpress Practical Guide. Photo: amazon

The WordPress practical handbook by Gino Cremer - a comprehensive reference work in which even advanced WordPress users will find something new. Available on Amazon.

As you know, or you can probably guess, I'm a real fan of WordPress, and have been for many years. I not only run my own blogs with this content management system, but also customer projects. And the sentence: You never stop learning Of course, this applies in particular to all technology and internet topics. In fact, here you have to hurry to keep up with current developments. Since I already liked to use Gino Cremer's previous book in order to always be up to date, the current version of his WordPress practical manual, which was published on April 27, had to move in with me.

The target group

The WordPress practical manual is interesting for both beginners and professionals. The latter may skip the first few pages that deal with setting up WordPress and existential security issues; basic knowledge of articles, pages, the quick edit and the use of the media center. Then it goes on exciting for everyone: How do I use the comment function most sensibly? How do I protect myself from trolls and spam? How do I quickly share posts on social networks? The last section of the book is a workshop for developing your own themes and plugins. The (semi-) professionals will be delighted here.

Security topic - successfully repelling hackers

Since WordPress is one of the most widely used systems in the world, attacks naturally occur again and again, be it through hackers or brute force attacks. Special attention must therefore be paid to protecting your own system (little tips like this one sometimes miracles help). Cremer describes effective safety measures and gives tips for emergencies. This of course also includes the use of FTP and the correct application of backups (when did you actually do the last backup?;)).

Subject performance - the joys and sorrows of every webmaster

The WordPress practical manual also provides many tips for optimizing performance.

The WordPress practical manual also provides many tips for optimizing performance. (Extract with kind permission!)

Even if many do not want to admit it, the first adjustment screw when it comes to performance is the web host. It is doubtful that the cheapest provider can also be the best. Cremer gives advice on the right choice of hoster and server. Anyone who realizes that they have backed the wrong horse up to now can also find out how to move their WordPress application in the WordPress Practical Manual. Of course, you can and should do a lot more to improve the performance of your website. Use caching, remove lame plugins, optimize graphics and of course analyze the performance regularly.

Topic search engine optimization

Since this is one of my favorite topics, I am particularly pleased that Gino Cremer has given this area a lot of space in his book, which has been updated to WordPress 4. Of course, the most beautiful, fastest and safest site is of no use to anyone if it is not found. But anyone who expects dark gray tricks from the SEO magic hat will be disappointed. Fans of clean on-page and off-page optimization, on the other hand, will be delighted.


I could now list a number of topics that are dealt with in the WordPress practical manual, but just take a look at the content and the reading sample yourself. Then you can get an idea of ​​the understandable language in which Gino Cremer wrote this really comprehensive practical guide. Of course, you will still have to consult your professional for some questions or applications - but your knowledge will have grown immensely after reading this book. Put it next to your Mac and work with it every day!

The WordPress practical manual by Gino Cremer
This practical handbook for WordPress 4 by Gino Cremer (Pixelbar) is a practice-oriented advisor and guide for beginners and advanced users who (want to) work with WordPress. Must-have!

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