WP125 alternative: 125 × 125 banner in the WordPress sidebar with dofollow link

nofollow in WP125

A fellow blogger recently gave me the WordPress plugin WP125 recommended, with which he manages the square 125 × 125 pixel banners in his sidebar. I installed the plugin once and set up two banners, but it has a decisive disadvantage for me: The links it generates are always marked with rel = "nofollow". This may not be a problem for the typical advertiser, but if I exchange links with other bloggers, then this is of course not desired.

Solution 1: manual intervention in the plugin programming

The problem can be solved by removing all occurrences of rel = "nofollow" in the plug-in file wp125.php (to be found in the plug-in folder) with a text editor, but I am very reluctant to make such manual adjustments to plug-ins because these will be overwritten the next time the plugin is updated. And then everything would be nofollow again.

nofollow in WP125

The addition rel = "nofollow" occurs several times in the WP125 plug-in and makes the outgoing links for the Google optimization ineffective.

Solution 2: Direct installation in the sidebar without a plugin

As a way out, I thought about installing the banner directly with a text widget in the sidebar. The text widget allows text or normal HTML as content and is therefore well suited for our purposes. I don't need any special features, such as the placement at certain times, banner rotation or the expiry of the advertising banners after a certain number of clicks or days. Accordingly, I can make it easy for myself and simply program the banners into a widget. All you have to do is load the banners themselves in the 125 × 125 px format into the media library, copy the URL and then put the following code in the sidebar:

This code can then simply be duplicated and inserted banner by banner. The banners should automatically split into two columns next to each other. If not, please write briefly about the comments, then I will help to adapt the code for your blog.



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