Yes! mobile: Which network do the REWE mobile phone tariffs use?

The grocer Rewe and the REWE Group are bidding with yes! mobil offers its own mobile communications solutions for smartphones. But which network do the mobile phone tariffs use? Here you will find the answer to this question as well as further information on the offer, which, according to the company, is being implemented “in the best D-Netz quality”.

A tariff of yes! mobile, which network is used for mobile communications and LTE data volumes? Here you will find answers to these and other questions.
A tariff of yes! mobile, which network is used for mobile communications and LTE data volumes? Here you will find answers to these and other questions.

Yes! mobile - Which network is used for the tariffs?

The D-Netz is used for the REWE Group's prepaid tariffs. This can be a reference to the D1 network of Telekom, but also to the D2 network of Vodafone. If you look around further in the range of the brand, you will find the indication that yes! mobile is realized with the help of Congstar - and that is a subsidiary of Telekom Deutschland GmbH and its in-house provider for cheaper mobile phone tariffs. Ergo, you radio with a prepaid tariff of yes! mobile in the Telekom network, since 2019 even with LTE (4G). "LTE 25" is enabled and thus up to 25 MBit / s (up to 3,125 MB / s) download speed. 

Why should one know the network of a cellular network provider?

If you know the mobile network or the network operator (Telekom, Vodafone or O2 in Germany), then you can find out about the corresponding network coverage. The German operators offer network coverage maps for 2G GSM, 3G UTMS and 4G LTE on their websites. In this way you can see whether there is enough network at home or in the region in which you are traveling and using your mobile phone. This is the only way you can use the LTE promised in the tariff and you don't have to use WiFi in case of doubt if you want to use the Internet on your smartphone. You can find more information about mobile communications, network coverage and providers here: Overview - which mobile network provider uses which network?

Current tariffs of yes! mobil in cooperation with Congstar

Here I have the current ones for you! mobil tariffs summarized, which the provider set up in cooperation with the company Congstar (status: October 2020):

  • Prepaid Basic: 100 inclusive minutes, 9 cents per SMS, 1 GB high-speed volume with LTE 25
  • Prepaid Smart: Telephony and SMS flat rate, 3 GB high-speed volume with LTE 25
  • Prepaid Plus: Telephony and SMS flat rate, 5 GB high-speed volume with LTE 25
  • Prepaid Max: Telephony and SMS flat rate, 7 GB high-speed volume with LTE 25
  • Prepaid data: 5,5 GB high-speed volume with LTE 32 (max. 32 MBit / s), 9 cents per SMS, no telephony
  • Prepaid Easy: Tariff without a basic fee with 9 cents per minute and SMS

Note: If it is not a flat rate, but there are minute and SMS prices, then these apply to all German networks. So there is no difference whether the person called or written to also with yes! mobil / Congstar / Telekom or with a provider who uses the Vodafone or O2 network.

Find more tariffs for individual use

A jamobil SIM card from Rewe can be a good choice if the network coverage is right and you find the data volume, the flat rate and the other conditions for the respective price as pleasant. But if you are looking for a different tariff for making calls, texting and surfing (or a data tariff with more data volume for surfing on your tablet or notebook), then I recommend you the tariff comparison calculator here at Sir Apfelot. On the linked page you can choose different comparison calculators - from Allnet flat rate and Bundle Deals and DSL and Data flat towards Cell phone insurance and Camera insurance. This is how you will find the best offer that fits your usage behavior exactly.

ja! mobil offers affordable Android smartphones

In addition to mobile phone tariffs with a SIM card, all-network flat rate, up to 25 Mbit/s for surfing the Internet and other conditions, as well as a data tariff with 32 Mbit/s via the SIM in a tablet or notebook, ja!mobil also offers smartphones. At the moment, the selection of mobile phones isn't all that big and only includes a cheap Nokia and an equally cheap Sony device on the official website; both Android phones are offered for around 100 euros (as of October 2020). An Apple iPhone or apple ipad one searches in vain. That's what they are for! mobile app for both Android and iOS - it acts as a digital customer center and tariff overview with credit display.

Conclusion: yes! mobil uses the network of Congstar / Telekom

In summary, it can be said that yes! mobil offers its prepaid tariffs in cooperation with Congstar in the D1 network of Telekom. Since 2019, customers have also been able to access 4G radio connections. Interested parties can find out whether this pays off individually by studying the Telekom network coverage map. If there is good LTE coverage, the data tariff with 5,5 GB of data volume can also be used as a WLAN alternative. For the insight into your own usage behavior and the booked tariff there is a yes! mobile app. This not only runs on the Android phones that are also offered, but also on the Apple iPhone.

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