Amazon Dash Button now also digital: Your Dash Buttons presented in the USA

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Your Dash Buttons is the name of the new Dash Button Service from Amazon, which puts the buttons for easy reordering of consumables in the Amazon App as well as into the Amazon account on the website. On the product page of some articles on the Amazon shopping page, you can now click “Add to Your Dash Buttons” or “Add to Your Dash Buttons” according to the commercial. This allows you to click or type in the frequently ordered goods faster on the Amazon site or in the app.

app before.” width=”620″ height=”290″ /> Your Dash Buttons: Amazon introduces virtual Dash Button for the website and the Amazon app for the US market.

The virtual dash button does not show a price either

The virtual dash button is actually just the button that has become pixelated in physical form can be bought for just under 5 euros. On the smartphone, tablet or computer, this button could always display the current price of the item that you want to order with it, but that is not the purpose of the service. The greatest role is played by the fact that Amazon customers can order frequently used goods quickly and easily. The price or its fluctuations should not play a role.

Your Dash Buttons: virtual order buttons for the time being in the USA

The dash buttons of the "Your Dash Button" series displayed in the app and on the Amazon website will initially be tested in the USA, ie on one of Amazon's main markets. In this country they will be introduced later. However, you can also log in to the American site and find out more about the topic. The virtual dash buttons are also only available Amazon Prime Available to customers. You will get more information here and in this video:

Real dash buttons for hobbyists and programmers

If you don't want to use a Dash Button for ordering Amazon products, but for home automation, robots or similar, you are obviously not interested in the virtual alternative. You can find out how the buttons can be used in an alternative way in this article. There are also other articles on this page about the topic Learn programming.

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