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Youtube channel template

As part of my work as a [search engine optimizer for customers-> search engine optimization], it is always necessary to create Google+ pages and YouTube channels for customers. So that the company's YouTube channel also reminds a little of the CI, it makes sense to adapt it accordingly. Unfortunately, the possibilities are somewhat limited, because apart from the avatar, which results from the profile picture on the [Google+ page-> google-plus], you can only upload a background image, which then appears in the header of the YouTube channel.

Youtube Channel Template: The correct design of the Youtube channel graphic

For companies it is a good idea to combine the company colors and the logo with some photos. However, since the same graphic does not always show the same section on different devices, I made a template that you can use as a rough guideline. The graphic shows which areas can be seen on which end devices. Only the middle area outlined in green is what can be safely seen on all devices. Accordingly, you should use all the important elements there and save the rest only for creative gimmicks.

Plan the YouTube graphic with the template

Here you can see the template in a small resolution. To see it in full size, click with the right mouse button (Apple user use "CTRL" and mouse click!) On the graphic and select "Save target as". Then you will receive the complete graphic, which you can then use for your template. I create it as the top layer in Photoshop and then turn the opacity to 50% - so you can still see the layers underneath and align them accordingly.

Youtube channel template

This template can be used as a template to design the header graphic for the YouTube channel.

If you don't know exactly how to design the channel or if you need help setting up the YouTube account, you can [please contact me -> contact].



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