YouTube keyboard shortcuts: fast forward, rewind, pause and more

YouTube has been the number 1 video platform on the internet for over a decade. If you as a user do not always want to use the mouse to use the individual functions of the player, then simply use the Mac or PC keyboard. The following YouTube keyboard shortcuts will help you play, pause, rewind, adjust volume and navigate in any browser under macOS and Windows.

The following YouTube keyboard shortcuts will help you navigate the video.

The following YouTube keyboard shortcuts will help you navigate the video.

YouTube keyboard shortcuts

If you want to control a YouTube video with the keyboard, you can do so directly on to do. However, depending on the settings made by the creator during the upload, it is possible that embedded videos are on websites like this Apple blog cannot be controlled with buttons. Here are the YouTube shortcuts for rewind, fast forward, pause, full screen, subtitles and more:

  • C for captions: subtitles on / off
  • F for fullscreen: Activate / deactivate full screen mode
  • M for Mute: turn off the sound

C - subtitle; F - full screen; M - sound off

  • Up / Down Arrow Keys: Make audio louder / quieter
  • Left / right arrow keys: rewind / fast forward 5 seconds

Up and Down arrow keys - adjust volume; Left and right arrows - jump 5 seconds

  • J: Go back 10 seconds
  • K: pause
  • L: 10 seconds forward

K - pause; J and L - spool for 10 seconds

  • Numbers from 1 to 0: Call up video sections in increments of one tenth (1 stands for the beginning of the video)

The number buttons act as YouTube shortcuts to divide the video into tenths

Play Snake with YouTube Shortcut?

On YouTube, as on Google, there are various Easter eggs that can be activated with individual shortcuts. The best known is probably the well-known mobile phone game Snake, which could be played for some time directly in the YouTube video player. Unfortunately that doesn't work anymore. The YouTube key combination Left and Up now only leads to rewinding and increasing the volume. The YouTube keyboard shortcuts for controlling the videos have been swallowed up by the game feature, just as the snake previously swallowed the pixels. However, due to ever better loading times, there is hardly any circling charge indicator, which was the starting point for the game. So there is also something good about it;)

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  1. Steve says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot team. I wanted to ask if you can help me with a problem. And although I somehow adjusted Youtube on my PC so that it can be controlled with the keyboard as described on this page.

    This is something I don't want and unfortunately I don't know how to turn it off again. Because I can't use a space in the search bar.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Steve! This is not just your problem. I've had the same thing for about 2 hours, but only in Firefox. It works in Chrome. So I assume that the Firefox people screwed up something. So it's not your preferences.

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