Recommendation: YouTube to MP3 Converter free for Mac as a freeware download

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The program icon of the Youtube to MP3 Converter for Mac OS X (also works with El Capitan).

How many hours have I (and certainly you too) spent watching exciting YouTube videos? Countless hours! It often happens that a song that is used is particularly remembered. But of course you don't want to go to YouTube or bookmarks every single time to hear the song. Instead, there are so-called YouTube MP3 converters which - as the name suggests - can be used to convert the video into an MP3 format.

In terms of sound quality, you are of course dependent on what YouTube offers. Usually (I've read) 126 kbps AAC in an MP4 container or 155-165 kbps Opus in a WebM container.

Free YouTube to MP3 converter for Mac

For Windows users, there are numerous download options, both free and paid software, to quickly and, above all, pull songs from YouTube videos in large quantities. As a Mac user, I have also chosen a nice program that I have been using myself for a long time. It is the YouTube to MP3 converter. The converter is not only available for Windows and Ubunto, but also, as mentioned, for Mac users.

The highlight: the converter is available free of charge. The whole thing in a version that I can personally recommend despite the lack of "extras". However, if you want to buy the premium service of the YouTube converter, you can use it to further accelerate the conversion of the videos to MP3s. However, I have to honestly say that I am personally absolutely satisfied with the free version of the YouTube converter and find it more than sufficient.

Desired YouTube songs as MP3 in a few minutes

The endless expanses of YouTube ... you know that. Then some (by some I mean countless) pieces of music come together that you would like to collect on your own hard drive. You could now easily use a freely available online converter, but the YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac offers some exciting advantages.

  • Track clipboard: If you're watching videos on YouTube while listening to a great song and want to have it later as an MP3, just put the YouTube video on the clipboard. The program then automatically saves the video in a list without you having to copy out the URL and enter it into the converter. Alternatively, you can simply drag and drop the YouTube video into the MP3 converter window or onto the dock symbol.
  • Simple tag editor: You have the option of either entering the name of the song and artist yourself after converting, or you can leave it as it is. The program automatically names the MP3 after the artist name and title and recognizes this from the YouTube video. Very convenient!
  • Not just YouTube: I talk about YouTube all the time because this video platform is simply the biggest. However, other services are also supported:, DailyMotion and Soundcloud.
  • ITunes playlist support: You can decide in the settings whether a new song should be added to iTunes and a playlist should be created there.
  • Original format: With the YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac it is also possible to save the audio files in their original quality, so you do not have to accept any loss of quality.
Youtube to MP3 Converter screenshot

In the screenshot you can already see that I am busy using the Youtube to MP3 Converter for the Mac - although that is actually a thing of the past with Apple Music. ;-)

Very fast music download when converting MP3

The download itself is very quick because the program does not download the video portion, only the recognized audio files. In general, I am very satisfied with the time the program takes (even without Premium). On my MacBook Pro Retina, it took less than a minute for a video that was three minutes long. All in all, I can do it for that free YouTube to MP3 converter make a clear recommendation.

The instructions for the online YouTube converter are very straight forward: Copy the URL and off you go!

The instructions for the online YouTube converter are very straight forward: Copy the URL and off you go!


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