YouTube Shortcuts: practical keyboard shortcuts for the YT player

Youtube Shortcuts - The best keyboard shortcuts for the video platform

I have to say that I somehow grew dear to YouTube. Again and again I find videos about electric unicycles, chess games or tutorials on software that interest me. It is fascinating how much video material you can find on this portal and how many people try to help others with the explanations - often without financial ulterior motives.

Consume videos effectively with keyboard shortcuts

So that you can move effectively in the video player, you can help yourself with keyboard shortcuts that trigger various functions at the push of a button. I once made various lists that list such keyboard shortcuts, and put together the following table for you. Only those abbreviations are explicitly listed here that worked for me in the test with the YouTube player under Safari on the Mac.

Play and pauseSpace
5 seconds forwards or backwardsCursor arrow left / right
10 seconds forwards or backwardsJ or L button
Jump to the start of the videoKey 0 (zero)
Jump to 10% to 90% of the videoKeys 1 to 9
Volume 5% higher or more jealousCursor arrow up / down
Full screen mode on / offButton F
Call up video in mini playerI button
Subtitles on / offButton C
Go to the next videoSHIFT + N key
Go to the previous videoSHIFT + P key
Switching off the sound (mute)M button
In the player buttons to the frontTab key
In the player buttons to the backSHIFT + tab
Select player buttonsEnter key
Font size of the subtitles larger / smaller+/- button
One frame forwards / backwards in pause Key ./, (period / comma)
Switch to cinema modeButton T
Pan in spherical 360-degree videosAWSD buttons
Zoom in on 360-degree spherical videos+/- buttons
Call up the YouTube help pageSHIFT + ß (so "?")
Press the I key to switch the current video to the mini player that hovers over the YouTube window.
Press the I key to switch the current video to the mini player that hovers over the YouTube window.

Operation completely without a mouse: the tab key helps

If you want to move around YouTube completely without a mouse, the tab key works quite well. With TAB and SHIFT-TAB you can move through all the buttons in YouTube and with ENTER you can change settings or activate and deactivate functions.

Shortcuts for 360-degree videos

Surely one or the other has seen a 360-degree video on YouTube. Not yet? Then here one example videofilmed from the wing of a glider.

If you watch such a video on the iPhone in the YouTube app, you can simply move the iPhone back and forth to change the angle. However, this does not work so easily on the Mac. That’s why there’s the Keyboard shortcuts A, S, W, D with which you can perform the appropriate pans.

Unsolved: Player speed set to “normal”

With the key combination SHIFT + the video will be accelerated to double the speed. Unfortunately I have not yet found a shortcut on my Mac to normalize the speed. Instead, you have to click on the gear with the mouse and adjust the speed there. If someone has an abbreviation that also works, please report it. The ubiquitous <and> only works for me to accelerate.

The speed of the Youtube player can be changed via the settings (gear symbol).
The speed of the Youtube player can be changed via the settings (gear symbol).

Keyboard shortcuts for macOS

At this point perhaps a reference to the little helper by Johann Szierbeck called "macOS Mojave keyboard shortcuts“. It contains many practical keyboard shortcuts for macOS and the included programs such as Pages, Numbers and Safari included. For those of you who would also like to work more effectively under macOS, the book should be a practical compilation.

So, keep watching YouTube! ;-)


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14 Responses to “YouTube Shortcuts: handy keyboard shortcuts for the YT player”

    1. This only works on a qwerty keyboard. To work around this, you can use the shortcut: fn x2 to change the layout to english, and then the shortcut with shift . and shift comma

    1. Right, no longer works with me either. But all the rest still worked. I've just tried everything in Firefox under macOS Big Sur.

    1. I believe the shortcut only works on Windows. I just went to YouTube in Chrome (macOS Big Sur) and when I say “?” type (i.e. SHIFT + ß), then an overview with keyboard shortcuts for YouTube appears. And there isn't one in there for the search looks bad for your wish.

  1. For controlling the speed there is addon “Video Speed ​​Controller” for Firefox and Chrome. Faster or slower by 0,1 with the D and S keys and that's much better than a 0,25 step.

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