Crack ZIP file with password - this is how you bypass password protection

As the last part of my series on bypassing the protection options of various file formats, the following topic is on today:  Crack zip file with password. With Passper for ZIP you can bypass the password protection for such archives, but also for a WinZIP or 7Zip archive. The Windows software offers three different approaches that take different lengths of time. Details on how it works, download, price and the like can be found in this guide. I have compiled a list of other apps for reading out passwords for protected files at the bottom.

TL; DR: You can download it directly here

Crack a ZIP file with a password: With Passper for ZIP you can bypass password protection, even with WinZip and 7Zip archives. Details about the software download, price and options can be found here.

Crack a ZIP file with a password: With Passper for ZIP you can bypass password protection, even with WinZip and 7Zip archives. Details about the software download, price and options can be found here.

ZIP archive Forgot your password? Bypass protection with Passper!

Just like with RAR files, you can quickly forget your password with a ZIP archive. Even if you find archives that are protected on a hard drive that has not been used for a long time, an old CD-ROM or a USB stick, you can be curious about what you put in there one day. Then it is necessary to crack the ZIP file with a password, whereby the Windows software "Passper for ZIP" helps, which is also designed for WinZip and 7Zip files. Passper is available as a free download (trial version) and as a full version with all functions for $ 19,95 per month and $ 29,95 per year. You can find all details and the Passper for ZIP download on the developer website.

Passper for ZIP on Windows PC or Apple Mac

The Passper apps for decrypting file passwords are made for Windows computers. If you want to use the programs under macOS on the Apple Mac, then you have to install a corresponding partition via Boot Camp or use Parallels Desktop or VMware to run a Windows version in the window. Passper is compatible with Windows versions from XP to 10 and has very low CPU and memory requirements: 1 GHz CPU and 512 MB RAM. However, a good NVIDIA graphics card (GPU) from the G80 + range, i.e. GT8600 to GTX1080 TI, is recommended, as its performance is used to crack a password.

Crack ZIP file with password - 3 attacks to choose from

To crack a ZIP password, there are three options in the software described here that work similarly. For all three, the possible passwords are tried out (dozens in a second) until one of them releases the file. However, you can narrow down the search in various ways:

  • Dictionary Attack: Use of a program-internal and / or your own dictionary to try out frequently used or likely passwords
  • Mask Attack: Definition of criteria such as the password length, the first letter, the character at the end, etc. in order to speed up the decryption
  • Brute-Force Attack: Attack without parameters and help that takes all password lengths and character combinations into account (sometimes takes a brutally long time)

Only bypass the ZIP archive password protection for your own files!

You can already guess it, but I don't want to leave it unmentioned: Of course, you should only crack the password for your own ZIP, WinZIP or 7Zip archive files. Everything else is illegal or could be punishable by law. Even if you read out their files on behalf of others to find out the password, you should protect yourself. After all, digital documents and the like are not protected for nothing and there is also no impunity to crack a safe ... Therefore: Use the presented software only for your own files!

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    There are many programs available for recovering ZIP archive passwords. I am using Manyprog Zip Password Recovery. It's quick and easy to use.

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