Remove PDF Password - How to Crack a Protected PDF File

A PDF file can have different contents: an important document, digitized documents, an e-magazine or e-book and so on. If it contains sensitive information or private information, then it is good to provide it with password protection. But what if you've forgotten your password? Then how do you get to the content of the file? This is where Passper comes in. "Passper for PDF" is a Windows app with which the PDF password can be removed and the protected file cracked on the PC as well as under the Win partition on the Mac. Similar to the solutions for Word and Excel.

Do you want to remove the PDF password from a document? With the Passper for PDF software, you can crack a protected PDF file quickly and easily.

Do you want to remove the PDF password from a document? With the Passper for PDF software, you can crack a protected PDF file quickly and easily.

Forgot PDF password? How to remove file protection!

Whether after a day or five years - it can always happen that you forget the password for folders, files or entire hard drives. If you don't have a donkey's bridge or the written combination of characters to hand, you can't avoid password-cracking software. With the Passper for PDF program you can crack as many PDF passwords as you like. This will give you your records, documents, records and so on that you found on an old hard drive or CD-ROM. The app costs $ 19,95 for one month; the full year license is much cheaper at $ 29,95.

There is even more information and the Passper download on the provider website.

Passper runs on Windows XP to 10

If you want to use the software on the Apple Mac, you have to install a Windows version first. Either via Apple's Boot Camp or with Parallels Desktop or VMware to run the Microsoft operating system in a window under macOS. Once that's done, you can use Passper to crack the password of PDF, Word, Excel files as well as RAR and Zip archives. The software works with a wide variety of Win versions: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. The minimum requirements are low, e.g. B. 512 MB RAM and 1 GHz performance from the CPU. With regard to the graphics card (its computing capacity is also used), however, the NVIDIA models from GT8600 to GTX1080 TI are recommended.

Crack PDF password: these “attacks” work!

In order to be able to remove the PDF password and to remove the protection of the file, the Passper app uses three different approaches that the user can actively choose. The individual processes are called "attacks" and they serve to guess the password as quickly as possible, to use it to unlock the document and of course to display it for reuse. Here are the three options:

  • Dictionary attack: Use of user-defined or program-internal lists of possible passwords to try out frequently or repetitively used passwords
  • Mask Attack: The user can specify parameters such as the password length in an input mask in order to speed up the search
  • Brute-Force Attack: If no parameters are known at all and if it is a character string that does not appear in the dictionary, this attack is recommended

Note: Only remove PDF protection from your own documents

Of course, it is not legal if you remove the PDF password of foreign files and documents to which you are not granted access for good reason. So only use the app on your own recordings for which you have forgotten the password. In case of doubt, you need the consent of the person whose PDFs you should "crack" - for example if you should use Passper for PDF for a friend. I wish you success!

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