Digitize and touch up photos: iOS apps and other options

Digitize photos, touch up, bring back faded colors and once only digitally archive paper pictures - you can do this either by scanning them on Mac and PC, or using apps for iOS and Android. If you don't want to scan photos on your computer or with your iPhone or iPad, you can also use completely different options. Here I have put together a few examples for you. Feel free to leave a comment if you know of other alternatives.

Scanning, touching up and digitizing photos - that's possible with iOS

Apps for the iPhone or in the drugstore." width="620″ height="290″ /> Scanning, touching up and digitizing photos - this is possible with iOS apps for the iPhone or in the drugstore.

Digitize photos with iPhone and iOS apps

One possibility here would be the app Unsteady. This app for digitizing photos also recognizes pictures taken at an angle and aligns them automatically. You can also use the iOS program to use filters to improve the colors and contrast of the images. Faded photos and those with falsified colors are "like new" very quickly - or at least close to it;) When you have finished editing, you can either share the photos directly on Facebook, add them to Apple photos or simply save them to view them to print / have it printed elsewhere.

Google also offers a corresponding app, namely Photo scanner. The description of the iOS program promises “perfect images without reflections”. Images are automatically cropped and aligned by the app, so basically they can be printed out-of-the-box. On the linked page you will find more details about the range of functions.

A third app of this type is Memories - photo scanners. Here, too, you can digitize photos by taking them with the camera from the iPhone and using the software to align, crop and touch up. You can "scan" and edit faded and discolored photos with this app.

Advice: Send pictures and more with the Mac app via WeTransfer

Scan photos and more in the dm drugstore

I don't think every drugstore offers this service, but some do Kodak Scan Service Find. Here you can scan photos and have them touched up - at least with regard to color and contrast. Then you can either print it or have it burned to a CD. That's how you digitized it. You can either use the burned CD at home to throw the scanned photos on the hard drive - or you can use it directly in the dm to reprint the photos. Which markets offer the service, you can certainly inquire on the hotline dm website reveals nothing about it.


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