Instructions: Record a 2-person interview or podcast with the iPhone

If you want to record an interview with the Apple iPhone or the Apple iPad or do a podcast with two speakers with the mobile devices, there are different solutions. For example, you can use the Røde SC6L interview kit including two lavalier microphones and a Lightning connector, as well as the app that goes with it, to record audio from two people; even in stereo with one person on the left and one on the right. In addition, a video interview can be conducted with the set - simply couple the SC6L with the clip-on microphones and the iPhone and use an app such as FiLMiC Pro on the same.

Record a 2-person interview or podcast with the iPhone? This works with the right technique and following some advice;)

Record a 2-person interview or podcast with the iPhone? This works with the right technique and following some advice;)

Røde SC6L interview kit in detail

The Røde SC6L Interview Kit has been on sale at Amazon since August 2018 and costs 189,95 euros. For this you will receive two “smartLav +” clip-on microphones (lavalier microphone) with windshield and clip as well as an adapter to connect the microphones to the Apple iPhone or iPad via a Lightning connector. The adapter also has a headphone connection (jack) which can be used to decrease the volume before recording or to monitor the person responsible for the sound during the interview / podcast. 

The Røde SC6L interview kit offers an audio splitter with Lightning connector, audio output and two microphone inputs as well as two smartLav + condenser microphones.

The Røde SC6L interview kit offers an audio splitter with Lightning connector, audio output and two microphone inputs as well as two smartLav + condenser microphones.

Here are the most important data on the set for 2-person interviews on the iPhone:

  • Audio splitter SC6-L with a weight of only 16 g (Single price: 79,00 euros)
  • Audio splitter properties: Realizes connection of two microphones and headphones via Lightning port, tailored to the use of the RØDE Reporter App, 20 Hz - 20.000 Hz frequency range
  • smartLav + condenser microphones to plug in (Single price: 46,00 euros)
  • Microphone properties: Miniature condenser capsule with omnidirectional characteristics, Kevlar-reinforced connection cable with TRRS jack plug, compatible with all apps that allow headset use
  • Advantages compared to individual purchase: guarantee on a complete set, transport bag, less packaging 
  • Scope of delivery: 1 SC6-L audio splitter, 2 smartLav + microphones with wind protection and badge, transport bag
  • More details about the Røde SC6L interview kit and how to buy it: click here

Record 2-person interview or podcast with iPhone

As already described above, the microphones as well as the splitter for their signals and the audio output for headphones are compatible with a variety of apps. So you can use the RØDE Reporter App, which is tailored to the devices, or the one that is also available free of charge ferrite app. This very well-rated application for the Apple iPhone and iPad not only offers a simple recording function, but also options for cutting out, improving and further editing the recording. You can find all details on the linked app page of the Apple App Store / iTunes. 

There are also several film and video apps that allow the integration of audio supplied by external microphones and offer editing options. The FiLMiC Pro app proposed by Røde for the SC6L interview kit is well suited for this, has many useful features and also has numerous good reviews - but also costs 16,99 euros. So if you can't plan any further expenses besides the expenses for the Røde SC6L interview kit for 2-person interviews or podcasts on the iPhone, you should perhaps look around for free apps.

Tips for recording interview and podcast 

With an audio splitter and two microphones you can record a 2-person interview or a podcast with the iPhone. However, before you begin the all-important recording, you should prepare a little for it. Here are a few tips for producing the audio recording:

  • Test the technology several times in advance and thus make use of the routine
  • If possible, take time to prepare and have a preliminary talk with the interviewee about the interview process
  • Clarify questions in advance and, if necessary, include topics that the interlocutor would like to address
  • Briefly test the technique before recording, for example with a test recording
  • Set the volume so that both can be heard well, but not overdrive
  • Check function of both microphones, the splitter and the iPhone
  • Does the iPhone have enough battery charge and storage space for recording?
  • Does a microphone scratch the clothes or skin of the interviewer or interviewee?
  • Are all plugs inserted correctly and cannot slip out during recording?
  • Deactivate notifications or set the device to airplane mode to avoid unwanted tones or other recording disturbances
  • Let each other finish speaking, especially when recording mono on an audio track
  • In the case of stereo recording, the individual tracks can theoretically be separated, placed and edited afterwards, but post-processing also takes time
  • Interact with the other person during the conversation and not constantly check the technology - as in a normal dialogue
  • Don't ask yes-or-no questions for long answers
  • You can find more in numerous online guides and in the books listed here: Audacity Manual - Tips for Books and Video Tutorials

Automatic audio optimization from Auphonic

Auphonic is a service that analyzes audio files and takes all measures to raise them to a professional level. As an app for the Apple Mac (from Mac OS X 10.6) and the Windows PC (from Windows 7) and as an online service via the offer can be used. The Auphonic XS package is free if you only have up to 2 hours of material improved per month. So if you only record a few smaller interviews or only a monthly podcast - for example with the Røde SC6L interview kit and the iPhone - then it can be worthwhile. Otherwise you will find all other offers on the linked page under “Pricing” - 100 hours per month cost 69 euros.

Do you have any tips and hints?

What do you think of the Røde SC6L interview kit as a way to record a 2-person interview or podcast with the iPhone? What tips, tricks, hints and apps can you recommend for this? Do you know any good specialist literature in which the individual possibilities and tricks are summarized? Then please leave a comment with the relevant information and your experiences or your opinion on the topic. 

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