iPad Air (1st Gen) and Thunderbolt Display are obsolete, iPad (5th Gen) is vintage

Apple has added new entries to its Obsolete and Vintage lists. Apple refers to devices that have not been sold for seven years as discontinued or obsolete. The designation is also associated with a suspension of support; Repairs are then no longer offered. This is now the case for the first iPad Air (2013 to 2016) and the Thunderbolt Display (2011 to 2016). Apple devices that have not been sold for five years are referred to as vintage. The service is only offered subject to parts availability. It is now z. B. iPad 5th generation (2017 to 2018). 

The official Apple lists of obsolete and vintage products

If you want to know which Apple products are considered obsolete and which are considered vintage, I recommend the English language support document HT201624. As always, this one is ahead of the translations and has the most up-to-date list. This is how you find it there – currently in contrast to the German version – under the obsolete iPads these new entries:

  • iPad Air WiFi
  • iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular (TD LTE)

Another difference can be found in the vintage list, where the German version still lacks the 5th generation iPad from 2017. However, it is already listed in the English version for the US region:

  • iPad (5th generation) Wi-Fi
  • iPad (5th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular

Incidentally, the discontinued Thunderbolt display with a 27-inch screen diagonal can be found among the Mac products described as obsolete worldwide, as well as there in the "Peripherals" column. This monitor, offered from 2011 to 2016, has a resolution of 2.560 x 1.440 pixels, multiple ports for USB, Ethernet, Thunderbolt and the like, as well as built-in multimedia components such as a webcam, microphone and speakers. It was the last Apple monitor before Pro Display XDR in 2019 and the Studio display in 2022.

Information about Apple devices and service for old devices

  • Free Apple encyclopedia for information on all devices and systems: Mactracker app
  • Repair service for current Apple computers and legacy Macs: Sadaghian workshop

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