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April 10, 2021
iCab Browser for Mac

iCab Mac Browser - Fast and Lightweight - Pick of the Week CW15

The pick of the week this time goes to a browser that has been around for what feels like forever: iCab. The iCab browser has been around for over 20 years, but it delights its users [...]
April 8, 2021
Merge PDF files into one large file

Mac: Combine several PDF documents into one with the preview

Don't ask why, but today I had to create a PDF document from a folder with over 30 individual PDF files. My first thought was that I would certainly do this with Adobe Acrobat, but then I [...]
April 8, 2021

Paint on the Mac desktop: Presentify and ScreenNote add drawings to presentations

In the office, university and school, in addition to PowerPoint or keynote presentations, whiteboards, flipcharts, blackboards and handouts can also be used to highlight content. But if you have a [...]
April 6, 2021

Mac app MediathekView allows meta-searches in online media libraries of a number of channels

MediathekView is an app for Mac, Windows and Linux with which you can browse the media libraries of ARD, ZDF, Arte, 3Sat, the "third" stations and the like. Various filters can be used to do exactly that [...]
April 5, 2021
Mac app: CPU stress test

Mac app: "CPU Stress Test" takes care of the processor load and drains the battery

Some time ago I had a report in which I described how I can empty the battery of my M1 MacBook Pro halfway quickly. That was quite cumbersome and in retrospect only [...]
25. March 2021
Create QR codes with URL for website

Create QR codes with website URLs for free - online or with the app

Today - after a long time - I once again needed to create a QR code that contains a website address and should be printed on a flyer. My first port of call was Google search because I thought [...]
24. March 2021

Monitoring cell phones with mSpy spy app - is it legal?

With the mSpy app, it is possible to monitor other people's cell phone activities on Android and iPhone. MSpy is advertised as "parental monitoring software" with which parents can monitor the smartphone or tablet use of their children. Next […]
18. March 2021

Use blind copy in Apple Mail on the iPhone: Here's how!

In addition to the blind copy address field in Mail on the Mac, you can also use the same in the iOS version on the iPhone. So if certain email recipients should not be visible to others, you don't have to wait to write the message, [...]
18. March 2021

Use blind copy in Apple Mail on the Mac: Here's how!

If you want to send an email on your Apple Mac and enter recipients for the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), you may not have the required field. But that does not mean that it is impossible to [...]
16. March 2021

Skylum Luminar AI Update 2 - Numerous photo editing improvements

The developers of Skylum today rolled out the Skylum Luminar AI Update 2. This is available free of charge to all users of the previous version and brings several improvements. The workflow is to be optimized, and [...]