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24. September 2020

C64 Maxi and C64 Mini: retro computer with 64 preinstalled games

Anyone who has enjoyed playing video games on the Commodore 64 in the past will be happy about the C64 Maxi or C64 Mini today. With the Apple II, the Commodore 64 got a [...]
16. September 2020
GotWay EX Suspension EUC

GotWay EX - suspension, more speed and range

After KingSong launched electric unicycles with suspension with the KS S18 and Inmotion with the V11, it was only a matter of time before GotWay delivered a suspension model. Thereby [...]
3. September 2020

The difference between volt-amperes (VA) and watts (W) simply explained

Until recently, I always thought that multiplying voltage in volts and amperage in amperes only resulted in watts. But that's not the case. And even if in simplified form volt amperes and [...]
19. August 2020

Driving license class B196: Interesting for e-scooters

Since I am playing with the idea of ​​buying a Vespa-sized e-scooter, I took a look at what you need for a driver's license. With the regular B-Class for cars and Co. you can only [...]
18. August 2020

Why there are no USB-C hubs with multiple USB-C ports

If you look around for USB-C hubs, you will usually only find ones with a maximum of two C ports, several A ports and interfaces for SD cards, HDMI, etc. What I would need, for example, would be a USB-C Hub with ten USB-C ports so that [...]
11. August 2020
USB socket adapter from Lencent in the test

Test: USB socket with USB-C and USB-A ports

In our old building, sockets are quite rare. We have added new sockets here and there if there was already a connection there, but the bottom line is that you always have the feeling that there could be a [...]
23 JULY 2020
Test report for the Terratec Charge Air Key

In the test: Terratec Charge Air Key - battery key ring for the Apple Watch

A few days ago the manufacturer Terratec sent me a power bank for the Apple Watch, which can be hung on a bunch of keys with a small carabiner. The device belongs to the Air series of Terratec chargers and [...]
20 JULY 2020

Blue Connect Plus - remotely monitor the water quality in the pool

The pool sensor Blue Connect Plus from blueriiot analyzes the pool water with regard to pH value, temperature, chlorine content and more. In this way it can be determined exactly which agents have to be added so that the swimming pool does not turn green and is permanently clean, [...]
6 JULY 2020

What is NVMe - Non Volatile Memory Express?

NVMe is a hard disk protocol which, thanks to its comparatively economical structure, ensures fast data exchange between the computer and SSD storage. The abbreviation for the software interface stands for Non Volatile Memory Express; something […]
24th of June 2020

What is Qi Charging? The standard for wireless charging in detail

The Qi technology is used, among other things, in the current iPhone generations and in the AirPods charging case, so that the respective batteries can be charged wirelessly. But how does the wireless energy transfer work in detail and what is behind the name [...]