Affordable wide angle for the Sony NEX 7

Sigma 19mm lens for Sony E mount
Sigma 19mm lens for Sony E mount

The Sigma 19mm lens is equipped with an aperture of f2,8 and can also be operated on the Sony NEX 7 with the E-mount (Photo:

Today I was looking for an inexpensive wide-angle lens that I can use on the [Sony NEX 7-> sony-nex-7] to take [aerial photos-> aerial photos] and landscape photos. I rummaged through a number of forums and ended up with a very inexpensive fixed focal length lens from [Sigma-> sigma-objectives], which is still under 100 EUR despite auto focus and very good image quality. It is that Sigma 19mm F2,8 EX DN lens, which is equipped with a 46 mm filter thread and is suitable for the Sony-E lens bayonet - and therefore also fits the cameras of the Sony NEX series, i.e. Sony NEX 5, NEX 6 and NEX 7.

Extremely low price with extremely good reviews

I have to admit that I was a little puzzled when I saw the price of under 100 EUR on Amazon. How can you build such good optics and also provide them with an autofocus mechanism and then offer the whole thing for less than 100 EUR without incurring a loss? Amazing, but Sigma has managed this tightrope walk and developed a fixed focal length lens that does not have to hide from the competition, which is significantly more expensive.

The lens takes razor-sharp photos even at an open aperture (here 2,8) and manages this without vignetting and chromatic errors. It takes the best photos up to f / 9 and then slowly becomes weaker.

The many customer ratings on Amazon also speak a clear language: Here everyone is enthusiastic about the image quality and the low price of the lens. If you are interested in the Sigma lens and would like to attach it to the Sony NEX, you should make sure that you can still select the lens mount under "Style" at the top of Amazon. "For Sony-E" should of course be selected here.


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