Technology contributions from A to Z

7 July 2021

Nintendo Switch OLED Model - Specifications, Release and Other Details

Nintendo officially unveiled the Nintendo Switch OLED model yesterday. The announcement was prepared multimedia with a video that I have embedded for you in this post. It already confirms some rumors about the 2021 model of Nintendo [...]
30 June 2021

Thermometers and hygrometers from Homidy - Pick of the week in CW26

Now in summer you should make sure that the air in the apartment, in the office and, last but not least, in the bedroom is not too dry. The same applies to the heating air in winter. In addition, rooms [...]
29 June 2021

Medical Device Interference: These Apple devices contain magnets

More and more Apple devices apart from iMac and MacBook contain magnets of different strengths. Above all, there are mobile devices and accessories with different possible uses that are based on the use of magnets. For example, the iPhone [...]
22 June 2021

Buying advice: Extremely quiet fans for the summer

This summer brought the first heat wave, and it's not even July yet. All the better if a fan is used to cool things off in the future. The quieter the fan is, [...]
17 June 2021

Cool laptops in the heatwave - laptop coolers with prime shipping

The heat is finding its way into Central Europe and anyone who works on a laptop in the office or home office can therefore face performance drops. I personally always notice that on my old MacBook Pro from 2012 when the [...]
14 June 2021

Document shredders with cross cut - pick of the week week 24

My current pick of the week is not a single product or a specific app, but rather a product type that is currently needed in more households than usual. Because after more than a year of working from home it is
9 June 2021

Should Apple introduce a homeOS?

On Monday, Apple kicked off WWDC21 with a keynote. There was a lot of talk about iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS. A lot was also shown, for example the integration of new HomeKit features in the Smart [...]
4 June 2021
Ugreen PowerDot Powerbank in the test

Ugreen PowerDot: handy power bank with integrated lightning cable in the test

Ugreen recently sent me a new power bank (thanks for that!), Which comes with two, no, three nice features: It is small and still has a capacity of 10.000 mAh. It offers USB C Power Delivery [...]
3 June 2021

BCMASTER HD webcam: Successor to the AUKEY model for only € 24,99

Webcams have been in great demand for over a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you are still looking for a cheap [...] for video conferencing, chatting with friends and family, streaming or similar tasks.
3 June 2021

Surveillance cameras and parcel boxes: eufy presents new security technology

Yesterday, eufy, the smart home brand from Anker, presented new security technology. With the SoloCam series there will be new smart surveillance cameras in the future. In addition, the Floodlight Cam 2 Pro is an update for the previous camera model [...]