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18. November 2020

Senstroke: play the drums with bluetooth sensors and an app

Playing the drums takes up a lot of space and makes a lot of noise? It should be different with Senstroke from Redison. Because the Senstroke sensors are simply mounted on drum sticks, connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and off you go. Without [...]
13. November 2020

Pazz Champ: online talent show with smartphone films

Pazz GmbH from Munich will start an online talent show on November 20, 2020. In it, the works of filmmakers who have sent in 60-second smartphone films are assessed and evaluated. In addition, the stories behind the films are shown. With […]
12. November 2020

Fancy advent calendars: more than just chocolate before Christmas

Advent calendars for December 2020 do not have to contain (only) chocolate. There are a wide variety of offers for children and adults who can build and maintain the anticipation for Christmas without chocolate. Every year on [...]
12. November 2020

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

The 35th anniversary of Super Mario has been celebrated since September. Nintendo has issued some special and partly limited offers for this. In addition to Super Mario 3D All-Stars for the Nintendo Switch and Mario Kart Live: Home […]
10. November 2020

Follow Apple's “One more thing” event live: Here's how!

Today will probably be the last Apple presentation in 2020. The November event with the title “One more thing” or “one more thing” will probably bring us new Mac and MacBook models with Apple's own ARM chip Apple Silicon as [...]
27. October 2020

Usenet Archives: Search millions of posts on the 80s internet

Usenet was the predecessor of today's Internet with the World Wide Web, its possibilities and abysses. From 1980 onwards, various topics were and are discussed in so-called newsgroups - apart from Twitter,
22. October 2020

The online casino Mr. Green presented

[Advertorial] There are numerous online casinos that offer their slot machines, table games, live casino streams and other games of chance for German-speaking countries. This also includes the provider “Mr. Green ", which one or the other already [...]
12. October 2020

Available from today: QualityLand 2.0 by Marc-Uwe Kling

With QualityLand, Marc-Uwe Kling published a dystopian novel in 2017, in which technology a little too smart ruled the world. Starting today, QualityLand 2.0: Kiki's Secret is available to buy. Again, current problems, possible [...]
9. October 2020

macOS 11.0 Big Sur manuals for beginners and users

With macOS Big Sur, a new operating system comes to the Apple Mac. After several Mac OS X versions, macOS 11.0 heralds the era of ARM chips. But not only on new Mac, iMac and MacBook models [...]
9. October 2020
iPad Manual for iPadOS 14

Book tip: iPad manual with 5 hours of video content for iPadOS 14

Anton Ochsenkühn from amac-buch Verlag has kindly provided me with review copies for years, which I work through and present on my blog. Rest assured: I also receive books from other publishers and authors who are not in [...]