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I just got a question from my reader Christina. Although she had in the great article on the Mojave problem posted, but I think the matter is interesting to other readers as well. Your question is this:

For me, the information from the calendar only appears sporadically. They still appear on the day I set it, but disappear as soon as the computer is in sleep mode or after restarting.
I am totally dependent on it, because I have all my appointments and I need it very urgently that the notices appear until I close them. What can I do?

Switching from banners to notices

At the moment, Christina is probably using "banners" as the type of notification for messages from the calendar. You can easily change this via System Settings> Notifications. If you are there in the settings of "Messages", select "Calendar" in the left program list and click on the "Notes" type on the right.

If you switch the calendar appointment information to the notification type "Notes", these remain visible until you click them away.
If you switch the calendar appointment notifications to the "Notifications" notification type, they remain visible until you click them away.

The notifications are the type of notification that doesn't go away on its own after a certain amount of time like banners do. You can only get rid of the hint if you either click on "Close" or on "Remind me".

If you select the "Remind me" button, the notification for the corresponding appointment pops up again after 15 minutes and you have to make a new decision or you simply leave it visible until you have completed the appointment. However, this requires a correspondingly large monitor, because the information windows are above all other windows and cover them. This can be a bit annoying when working on a small MacBook.

My test appointment notice is still displayed on the Mac desktop even after waking up from sleep.
My test appointment notice is still displayed on the Mac desktop even after waking up from sleep.

Practice test: what happens when the Mac goes to sleep?

I've just tested what happens when such a message appears on the desktop in the top right corner and I put the Mac to sleep. The message was still visible to me after waking up the Mac and has not disappeared by itself. So it would have to be the kind of hint that Christina asked for.

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10 thoughts on “Calendar on Mac: Notifications for appointments disappear by themselves”

  1. I've had this problem since Mojave: Overdue reminder notifications still appear the next day, but then disappear after waking from sleep. Only if the "Sleep mode for computer" is changed to "Never" in the system settings, such a message remains until I acknowledge it as "Done". However, this is not in the sense of an energy-saving idle state. Due to this erroneous behavior, I am not reminded of the next appointment in the case of repeated reminders if I no longer see the reference to the first appointment and can therefore not acknowledge it. My previous Mountain Lion and El Capitan didn't have this problem.

    1. Hello Robby! I already had contact with a reader about this problem (was that you ???). Unfortunately there is currently no solution to this ... I hope that the next macOS may have a correction ready. In October it should be ready ...

    2. That's a shame... but unfortunately I don't know where else to intervene. It all works for me... so the bug doesn't seem to be "global".

  2. The problem is still there even after the latest update 10.14.6. I still had hope of recovery. But Apple doesn't seem to care.
    As already written at the beginning, the error occurs with reminders. I don't use the calendar.

  3. For me, the reminder notices for appointments disappear from the calendar when they are over ... So if I make an appointment, call Mr. XY at 15 pm and the appointment lasts 15 minutes, I am reminded with a message at 14:45 pm, for example .
    If I don't do anything, i.e. don't click "remind" or "close", the reminder notice disappears at 15:15 p.m. ...

    1. Hello Uschi! I once browsed Apple's support forums. Somebody wrote about a similar problem. For him it was resolved after reinstalling the Reminders app and restarting the Mac. Are you using iCLoud? If that is the case, you should also restart the reminder apps on the iPhone and iPad. Maybe some of this will help.

      1. Thank you for the quick reply!
        Unfortunately, I'm a bit overwhelmed / surprised:
        I use the standard "Calendar" app on both the iPhone and the Mac, can I really delete it and what happens to my entries...I couldn't find a delete function in the settings on the fly...but I closed all apps /closed and both devices switched off. change: the hint disappears as soon as the deadline is exceeded.

        1. Hello Uschi! Are the memories still available in the notification center? Or actually deleted? The latter would be very strange.

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